Accessible Bathrooms & Flood Relief - Kinedo at the Lincolnshire Show

June 2018

The Lincolnshire Show is an annual celebration of rural life, featuring a mix of food, shopping, entertainment, music, horticulture and farm life.

We stopped by the 2018 Lincolnshire Show to demonstrate our range of accessible bathroom products, as well as some of the flood relief solutions from the Saniflo range.

The 2018 Lincolnshire Show was described as a “roaring success”, attracting over 60,000 visitors. The crowd was a mix of families, farmers and other landowners, and we were able to demonstrate advanced solutions to all of them.

Lincolnshire Show 2018

Lincolnshire Show 2018

To families, we were able to show off our stylish and practical Kinedo range of shower cubicles. These are always a hit with homeowners, as they can make your bathroom feel like a 5-star hotel with no mess, no fuss, and no hassle.

The highlights of our stand included products from our range of accessible bathroom products. We had a Kinemagic Serenity shower cubicle. It’s cleverly designed with all the family in mind, but is also perfect for providing care assisted showering, or extra peace of mind for those who need a little extra help.

Also a hit was the Kineduo 2 in 1 bath. This one comes with a great range of features which you can tailor to suit your every specific need.

Lincolnshire Show 2018

A big hit with the farmers and landowners was the Sanifos range of underground pumping stations. This came as no surprise, as these solutions also went down well at last year’s Glamping Show and Farm Business Innovation Show.

The Sanifos is a dual motor lifting station that can be used to pump residential or industrial waste water when natural gravity drainage isn’t possible. We spoke to the owners of a local campsite who are currently experiencing problems with flooding and backwash. We’re now in talks to arrange onsite surveys to see if their site’s suitable for a Sanifos.

Lincolnshire Show 2018

Lincolnshire Show 2018

From families to farmers, and from campsites to schools, we can design and install advanced solutions for a huge range of applications.

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