Building a Timber Frame House? Here’s How Shower Cubicles Can Save You Money

December 2018

If you’re building with a timber frame, choose a shower cubicle for your bathroom and you will save money in both the short term and the long term.

With a standard shower enclosure, you’re looking at huge costs in terms of parts, labour, and time. You need to get your substrates sorted. Then there’s all the tiling – which is surely every builder’s least favourite job. You’ll need special tools for cutting your tiles and for tanking. You need grouting and silicone, both of which are going to take ages to dry. It’s all going to add up.

But with a shower cubicle, you don’t need to worry about any of this. Our self-contained shower cubicles feature integrated glass panels to form a leak-free showering interior, so there’s no need to worry about tanking. They can be assembled and installed in a matter of hours without the need for any tools or specialist equipment. They don’t need any grouting, tiling or silicone, so there’s no waiting for anything to dry, and no tedious, time-consuming jobs to take care of.

Choose a shower cubicle and you can have a fully-functional, luxurious bathroom in your timber frame home in the space of a day. You’ll make huge savings in terms of time, energy, effort, parts and labour.

Take a look at our range of shower cubicles here, and get in touch for a free quote for your project.

Showers for Timber Frame Houses


In a Timber Frame House, a Standard Shower Enclosure Can Never Be Built to Last.

Shower cubicles save money in the long-term, too.

A traditional shower enclosure makes extensive use of tiles, which are held in place by grouting, and sealed with silicone gel.

Timber can shift and warp over time. The warping may be too subtle to notice. But if the bathroom warps along with the house, cracks can start to form around the tiles and the grouting.

Shower enclosures are no longer watertight when they’re surrounded by damaged tiles and grouting. They’ll be a lot more prone to leaking. And if any water finds its way into the home’s timber frame, it can lead to extensive rot that could jeopardise the building’s structural integrity.

So if you choose a shower enclosure for your timber frame home, you must commit to retiling the bathroom every few years. You’ll need to treat any cracks that form before they become a real issue.

But prevention is better than cure. Choose a shower cubicle and you’ll never have to worry about this issue.

Showers for Timber Frame Houses


How Will a Shower Cubicle Solve the Problem?

No tiles, no grouting, no silicone. With a shower cubicle, there’s no danger of anything cracking as the timber frame of the house shifts and warps over time.

This is how shower cubicles save money in the long-term: There’s no need to worry about costly retiling every few years, and no need to worry about hugely expensive – and hugely dangerous – leaks and rot issues.

Because shower cubicles never leak. Even better, they never get mouldy, so there’s further savings to be made in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

A traditional shower enclosure in a timber frame house could be an accident waiting to happen. But a shower cubicle offers low-maintenance and total peace of mind even years after installation.

Take a look at our range of shower cubicles here, and get in touch for a free quote for your project.


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