Make Staycations Unique and Luxurious With Our Showers for Glamping Pods

February 2018

As more and more people in the UK choose to staycation, demand is rising for truly unique and luxurious accommodation.

With our range of stylish self-contained shower cubicles, we’re helping businesses in the glamping sector to meet the demand for high quality and unforgettable experiences.

In recent years, the number of people taking staycations and shorter breaks in the UK has risen dramatically. Brits are now taking nearly four million more short breaks than they did 10 years ago, and the glamping sector is one of the huge beneficiaries of the trend.

That’s right – glamping is here to stay.

Glamping has taken off for two key reasons. First, those who choose a staycation are increasingly looking for novel and unusual ideas for their breaks. With the choice of accommodation, from yurts to shepherd huts, glamping certainly delivers on this front.

Second, glamping has almost universal appeal: It works for nature-lovers and outdoor types, but thanks to some truly luxurious facilities, it also appeals to non-campers who might have been otherwise unwilling to rough it.

Whether you choose a basic structure like a bell-tent, or something more elaborate like a log cabin or a bespoke glamping pod, glamping offers something for anyone considering a short yet memorable holiday in the UK.

Showers for Glamping - MiPod Solutions

Helping to Make Staycations Unique and Luxurious

Hull-based MiPod Solutions is a family-run business with some 50 years of manufacturing experience in shopfitting and cabinet-making. They recently transferred these skills into manufacturing high quality commercial glamping pods and shepherd huts for holiday and camping parks across the UK.

They produce an extensive range of glamping accommodation, from the cosy Midi Pod to the large Royal Pod, which is as palatial as its name suggests. Each unit comes with a selection of options and upgrades to offer guests the widest possible choice of glamping experiences. Some units, like the Exel and Royal Pods, include high quality bathroom facilities, featuring the compact and versatile Kinedo Eden shower cubicle.

Showers for Glamping - MiPod Solutions

The Perfect Showers for Glamping Pods

The integrated shower cubicle provides a luxurious showering experience for guests. For site owners, they’re cost-effective, low-maintenance and extremely practical. They’re highly durable, very easy to clean, and because they’re self-contained, they never leak.

The Eden shower cubicle features Cristal Plus coating on all glass areas. This means they repel limescale and minimise the build-up of calcium deposits and dirt on the glass. Water can run down the glass without leaving streaks or marks, so these showers simply look new for longer.

The cubicles can be installed within the space of a few hours, with no need for tiling, sealant or grout. This also happens to mean that these showers never get mouldy, ever.

Finally, space is at a premium in even the largest of glamping pods. But the neat shower valve in the Eden doubles up as an integrated storage shelf. We really did think of everything.

A Full Showering Solution in Less Than A Day

For MiPod Solutions, it was the ease of installation that prompted the company to choose Kinedo for their glamping pods.

The internal glass panels sit neatly over a low-level shower tray that has preformed lips to create a watertight environment. There’s no tiling, no grout, no sealant and no silicone necessary. The external door and panels are easy to attach, so the full installation can be achieved in just a few hours.

John Fallowfield, Managing Director of MiPod Solutions, said:

Having evaluated numerous shower cubicles, MiPod Solutions opted to go with one of the best options on the market: The Kinedo Eden Quadrant Sliding Door Shower Cubicle.


The Kinedo system allows easy installation and maintenance, and it’s fitted silicone-free. This is a huge advantage when you’re working in a confined space.


The ease of access to service pipework and controls gives us peace of mind that, should any situation arise that needs an engineer’s attention, all components are easily accessible.


The overall appearance of the Eden Quadrant Cubicle blends perfectly with its surroundings in this kind of structure. Its quadrant shape gives it a smaller footprint without making it appear at all cramped. This actually makes the bathroom appear bigger than it really is.


When prototyping new products there can be numerous teething problems to overcome. However, with the support of the excellent team at Saniflo, these potential issues have been overcome in a timely manner.


We feel so confident in working with Saniflo that we’ve not hesitated to use the Eden in all of our en-suite glamping pods. The feedback we’ve had from clients has been excellent.

Want your guests to enjoy a truly luxurious glamping experience as part of their staycation? For a free quote, get in touch to discuss our stylish showers for glamping.

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