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Discover Your Space Potential With our Bathroom Renovation Guides! July 2018

The Saniflo range of pumps and macerators can open up a whole new world of opportunities for your home. From loft conversions to new en-suite installations, we've launched a new website to help you find inspiration for how to truly make the most of your space.

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Accessible Bathrooms & Flood Relief - Kinedo at the Lincolnshire Show June 2018

The Lincolnshire Show is an annual celebration of rural life, featuring a mix of food, shopping, entertainment, music, horticulture and farm life. We stopped by the 2018 Lincolnshire Show to demonstrate our range of accessible bathroom products, as well as some of the flood relief solutions from the Saniflo range.

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A 5 Star Hotel Shower For Your Bathroom June 2018

A luxury shower that never leaks that can be installed in a matter of hours? You better believe it: Plumbers love our cubicles because they're so easy to install. Home owners love our showers because they bring 5 star hotel luxury with none of the hassle.

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How to Use the Kinedo Configurator to Design Your Perfect Accessible Bath May 2018

If you've a bit of trouble getting about, a bath replacement can help you reclaim your independence in the bathroom and rediscover the pleasure of bathing. A Kinedo Bath Replacement will transform your bathroom into a safer and more accessible space, without forcing you to compromise on your style.

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Which Shower Tray is Best For Your Bathroom? April 2018

Which shower tray is best? Surely one shower tray is just like any other? Not at all. Some shower trays are different. Some are just better. Say hello to the Kinerock: We set out to make the best shower tray, and we succeeded.

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