Fitted flush to floor

Textured finish

Easy access

Kinerock shower trays have been developed to be used anywhere.

Made to measure using our unique patented mineral material, the Kinerock range ticks all the boxes when choosing your next shower tray. It’s both comfortable, safe and versatile, and is available in a large range of sizes and colours to suit everyone’s taste and requirements.




Adapted to your needs

With unlimited possibilities, Kinerock is easily cut to fit all bathroom configurations and with 3 types of installations; Standard, Recessed and Step-up, Kinerock has all situations covered which works well with Kinesmart.

View the Kinerock and Kinesmart brochure to see all possibilities

Optimal Security

The textured finish helps to reduce the risk of falling in the shower. Kinerock has been tested and can be used at an incline of up to 12 degrees.

Kinerock Comfort

Kinerock is just 40mm* thick and therefore offers easy access into a shower area.The material ensures the surface is not cold to touch for your comfort whilst showering.

Easy Care

Kinerock is easy to clean with just soapy water. The waste grill can be easily removed for deep cleaning.

Kinerock Material

Kinerock is made from a mineral filler and acrylic resin. This means the product is light and easy to cut to ensure a perfect fit – however it’s gelcoat surface ensures it is durable and highly resistant to scratches and damage.

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