Bi-folding door with fixed glass side panel

Open in an out

Easy to adjust

Enclosures to complement our Kinerock shower trays suited to any bathroom.

The Smart range of shower enclosures offers you the freedom to choose the right enclosure for you and matched with the Kinerock shower tray we can offer flexible options to suit any bathroom. With 6mm glass and chrome fittings and profiles the Kinesmart range is the smart choice for any home.




Options to suit any bathroom

The Kinesmart range is designed to help create the perfect showering space whatever the constraints of the room. With different door and hinge options, you can create the perfect bespoke shower for your space.

View the Kinerock and Kinesmart brochure to see all possibilities

Pre-assembly of vertical profiles

The vertical profiles come pre-assembled and for framed models, the screws are integrated at each corner, making assembly faster and reducing the risks of error or loss of screws.

Easy to adjust

With pre-drilled slots in the profile, lining up the profile with the walls and making adjustments is easy and ensures the fit is perfect, solving the problem of uneven walls.

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