Which Shower Tray is Best For Your Bathroom?

April 2018

Which shower tray is best? Surely one shower tray is just like any other?

Not at all. Some shower trays are different. Some are just better. 

At Kinedo, we’ve perfected shower cubicles. But we recently introduced a shower tray to our range.

Why? For two reasons. First, we want to be able to help everyone transform their bathroom into the haven of relaxation it was always meant to be. Some people prefer shower trays and enclosures to cubicles, so we wanted to be there for them.

Second, we took a look at all the shower trays currently available, and we knew we could do better. We set out to make the best shower tray, and we think we’ve succeeded.

Say hello to the Kinerock.

What Makes This The Best Shower Tray?

Why is it called The Kinerock? Because it’s made from our unique patented mineral material. It looks like it’s been hewn from the ground and worked to perfection, just for your bathroom.

It looks amazing. It feels amazing. But this unique material brings a range of additional benefits:


Not all shower trays are made alike. The best shower tray is so much more than a surface for capturing the water from your shower. The Kinerock is a statement piece that will instantly make your bathroom safer AND more stylish.

Easily Accessible Shower Trays that Don’t Disappoint on Style

Shower trays are great if you have accessibility needs. But once again, the Kinerock comes out on top in every way.

At just 40 mm thick, the Kinerock will make your shower area very easy to access. It can be fit to be flush with your bathroom floor, while the textured surface is specifically designed to prevent slipping.

At Kinedo, we have worked tirelessly to bring total accessibility to the bathroom with our inclusive collection and our bath replacement systems. When designing our bathroom accessibility products, we did our research. We didn’t just want to meet your accessibility needs. We wanted to exceed your expectations.

When talking to people, one thing we kept hearing, time and time again, is that most accessibility products look so clinical. They look like hospital equipment, and therefore they’re not really the sort of things that people want in their homes.

That’s why we go to great lengths to make all of our bathroom accessibility products look as smart and contemporary as the rest of our range. The Kinerock is no exception. It looks so beautiful that it will help you to retain your style, as well as your independence.


The Best Shower Tray For Any Bathroom

One-size-fits-all simply doesn’t apply here. We developed our Kinerock shower trays to be used in any bathroom of any size.

It’s available with three types of installations: Standard, Recessed, and Step-Up. The material can be easily cut to fit any space.

Have you ever spent far too long looking for the best shower cubicle, only to find that what you thought was the perfect fit for your bathroom was a few millimetres too big, or too small? You won’t have that problem with the Kinerock.

Need an enclosure to go with your Kinerock? We’ve got you covered there too.

Safe, Stylish, Versatile, Unique – This Is the Best Shower Tray for You

Made to measure using our unique patented mineral material, the Kinerock range ticks all the boxes when choosing your next shower tray. It’s both comfortable, safe and versatile, and is available in a large range of sizes and colours to suit everyone’s taste and requirements.

Take a look at the Kinerock brochure for more information. And for a free quote, call us on 0208 842 0033.

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