Landlords - Shower Cubicles Will Make Your Life Easier & Your Tenants Happier

March 2018

Landlords – you need a high quality yet low-maintenance solution for the bathrooms in your rental properties.

We’ve got just the thing. Our range of shower cubicles will make your life easier and your tenants happier.

Plumbers love our shower cubicles.

Why? Because they’re really easy to install. In most cases, our shower cubicles can be fully assembled within the space of just a few hours. There’s no need for any tiling, there’s very little mess, and once installed, they utterly transform bathrooms.

As you’ve no doubt learned by now, what’s good for plumbers is very good for landlords.

Bath Replacement Before After

Why Shower Cubicles Will Make Your Life as a Landlord Easier

In short – because they’re very low-maintenance.

One reason why they’re so easy for plumbers to install is because, as well as removing the need for tiling, our shower cubicles need no grouting or sealant.

This means that there’s nowhere for mould to take root. Which means no mould. Ever.

So replace your current showering solution with one of our shower cubicles and you’ll never have to worry about mould in your bathroom.

Sounds good? It gets better.

Our shower cubicles are watertight, self-contained units. This means that, as well as never getting mouldy, they also never leak.

So no more mould and no more leaks. That’ll be a couple of major loads off your mind as a landlord, won’t it?

Finally, all of our shower cubicles are treated with Cristal Plus glass. This is a permanent, all-limescale coating that minimises the build-up of calcium deposits and dirt on glass. It also encourages water to run off the glass without leaving streaks or water marks. The result? The showers are easier to clean, they don’t have to be cleaned so often, and they’ll look newer for longer.

So if you install our shower cubicles in your rental property, you won’t have to replace them for years.

Shower Cubicles - Landlords

Why Shower Cubicles Will Make Your Tenants Happier

You mean besides the fact that they never leak, they never get mouldy, and they’re really easy to clean?

Apart from anything else, our shower cubicles are stylish and luxurious. We use high quality materials that look and feel amazing. They transform bathrooms, not just because they look fantastic in themselves, but also because they can make even the smallest of bathrooms feel lighter, brighter, and airier.

Our shower cubicles are also full of wonderful features and finishing touches that will delight your tenants – from spa-quality overhead rain showers to integrated storage features that will help to reduce clutter.

Here’s what some of our domestic customers have to say about our shower cubicles:

We’d recommend a Horizon Cubicle to anyone who needs a new shower. It is a modern, attractive design that offers so many other benefits.


– David Warr, Householder


I’ve had my bath replaced with a Kinemagic Shower. We are very pleased with the results. The appearance and quality are excellent. We have no hesitation in giving this product a 5-star recommendation.


– Christine Dennehy, Householder

Happier Tenants and Easier-to-Manage Properties – Isn’t It Time You Switched to Kinedo?

Whether you manage one property or an entire portfolio, we can help you to switch to a showering solution that’ll delight your tenants and make your life as a landlord significantly easier.

What’s more, because our showers are so quick and easy to install, we can help you to make the switch in no time at all, with no need to worry about lengthy renovations and waste disposal.

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