Bathroom Design Tips For Log Cabins, Tiny Houses, Modular Homes, and More

Bathroom Design Tips For Log Cabins, Tiny Houses, Modular Homes, and More

February 2017

Green, compact, comfortable – it’s no wonder the tiny house craze is taking off.

Whether they’re modular homes, log-cabins, shepherd huts, garden sheds, pod-houses, or simply tiny houses, growing numbers of people across the world are starting to see the benefits of thinking small.

While most are using tiny houses as holiday homes and for weekend retreats, some brave individuals are taking the concept of “downsizing” to its logical conclusion – removing all clutter from their lives and living¬†quite comfortably in limited space.

Bathroom Tips for Tiny Houses

So What’s the Appeal of a Tiny House?

One of the biggest and most important benefits of a tiny house is that they’re a lot greener than most other structures. They’re generally well-insulated and, because they’re so small, it doesn’t take much to keep them heated. They also use a lot less electricity, if only because there’s only enough room for the bare-minimum of lights and appliances.

And speaking of the bare-minimum, unless you make some serious efforts to declutter, there’s no way you’ll fit all of your worldly possessions into a tiny house. For some, this is a major draw. The tiny house movement is growing at about the same pace as the decluttering movement.

Finally, because of the smaller scale, it’s much easier to build a tiny house than it is a standard size house. The self-build movement is already pretty big, so perhaps many are drawn to tiny houses as they provide an easier, cheaper, and more efficient means of self-building.

Bathroom Tips for Tiny Houses

Endless Compromises?

For many, living in a tiny house will involve making a number of compromises. But while you might have to severely cut down on the amount of things you own, you won’t necessarily have to compromise on comfort and convenience.

In this post, we’ll explain how, no matter how small your house is, it’s still possible to have a stylish and fully-functional bathroom.

All you need is the right equipment.

Say No To Chemicals

It’s likely that a lot of people are put off by the idea of tiny houses because, for them, small spaces are synonymous with chemical toilets.

But we recently worked with English Shepherd Huts, a Norfolk manufacturer of rustic shepherd huts.

What’s a shepherd hut? It’s a portable unit made from wood or corrugated iron, traditionally used by shepherds for shelter while tending to their flocks in remote areas.

They used to feature little more than a stove for keeping warm, and a window for keeping an eye on the sheep. But companies like English Shepherd Huts thoughts they could do better. Through making use of every available inch of space, they now offer elaborate shepherd huts full of modern conveniences, including bedrooms, kitchens, and, with our help, a fully-functional bathroom.

Sanicompact - bathroom for small space

Made by our sister company Saniflo, the Sanicompact is a toilet with an integrated macerator. It’s the perfect toilet for small spaces like tiny houses and shepherd huts, as it can be hooked up without the need for mains drainage or a cistern. So there’s no need for chemical toilets, and no need for compromise.

With the addition of a Saniwall, a built-in frame system with a dual flush cistern and macerator pump, you can add all the modern wall-hung sanitary ware you need – including a sink, and even a shower.

Showers for Small Spaces

Choose shower cubicles instead of standard shower enclosures and your tiny house bathroom can be every bit as stylish, hygienic, and luxurious as your existing bathroom.

Shower cubicles are tailor made for small spaces. They’re compact, easy to install, and they never leak.

Bathroom Tips for Tiny Houses

We helped MRC Modular create a number of high-spec log cabins for a holiday park in Norfolk. Each log cabin had two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living area, and a bathroom. Obviously, we helped with the bathroom.

We supplied them with a number of our Kineprime shower cubicles.

Speaking about the cubicles, General Manager Andy Lancaster said:

“The whole package fits together seamlessly, and once they’re in that’s the job done. There’s no fiddly silicone, tiling or grout and, once all the hot and cold water pipework is installed by our onsite plumber, we can get two of our general team to complete the installation. There’s no need to source any other fixtures or equipment – it’s a complete solution.”

More recently, we worked with another manufacturer of wooden camping pods, The Log Pod. Again, we supplied a number of our Kineprime Glass models. Not only do they look stunning, they’re easy to install and instantly create a leak-free shower without the need for any tiling, silicone, or grout – perfect for small spaces.

Kineprime Shower Cubicle

LogPod - Modular Home

A Tiny House Needs a Beautiful Bathroom

So maybe your tiny house or log cabin is your home from home during a staycation. Or perhaps you’re taking the plunge and downsizing completely.

In any case, it’s perfectly possible to live comfortably in a tiny house without having to compromise on stylish, luxurious, and hygienic mod-cons.

Talk to us and we’ll show you how to add a thoroughly modern bathroom to your tiny house.

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