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Five Reasons a Kinedo Shower is Perfect for the Hotel & Hospitality Industry

February 2019

Kinedo Shower Cubicles not only look great in any hotel, they reduce cleaning and are cost-effective! Find out why!

Five Reasons to Choose a Kinedo Shower For Your Yacht or Boat

January 2019

Say goodbye to using a small electric shower to save space on your yacht or boat. Kinedo shower cubicles are the perfect alternative. Our cubicles are compact, water tight, self-contained and very easy to install.

6 Reasons to Choose Kinedo Shower Cubicles for Your Caravan or Static Home

December 2018

Kinedo Shower Cubicles offer the perfect showering solution for caravans and mobile homes. They’re compact, self-contained, easy-to-install, very low-maintenance, and they never leak.

Building a Timber Frame House? Here’s How Shower Cubicles Can Save You Money

December 2018

If you’re building with a timber frame, choose a shower cubicle for your bathroom and you will save money in both the short term and the long term.

Kinedo Showers Make UK's Original Holiday Village More Inclusive and Accessible

November 2018

Our ultra-accessible Kinemagic cubicles offer total peace of mind for guests with mobility issues, while our elegant Eden cubicles provide a touch of luxury for guests staying in standard rooms. And best of all, because our shower cubicles can be installed in a matter of hours, the hotel doesn't lose any money - there's no need to delay room bookings for the length of an installation.

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