Kinedo Showers Help Architects With Tanking Regulations

Kinedo Showers Help Architects With Tanking Regulations

July 2019

The regulation states that all substrates should be completely waterproof before tiling in any wet area. This includes bathroom, wet-room, shower area or steam rooms. All areas now require a waterproof tanking membrane system which can add to the already time-consuming job of tiling.

Why is this important to an Architect?

Ensuring that a wet area abides to the BSI tanking regulations is not only a revision, it also ensures that the installation is of quality and water-tight.

Tiling, grouting and silicone surfaces can absorb so much water that the underlying substrate can get damaged. This could be from leaks or mould if the cubicle isn’t completely water-resistant, and replacing all three can be a costly and laborious task.

kinedo-tanking regulations-mould

The revision ensures that standards are improved for homeowners. This also stamps out any possibility of long-term effects further down the line once the shower has been installed. Although the revision does come with a larger price tag due to more materials, labour cost and longer installation times.

If regulations are not met during development on a new build, you will be liable for any repairs required. This can cost thousands as you will still be accountable to pay if the damage has spread to any other rooms from damp and shower leaks.

Kinedo Showers Beat Tanking Regulations

Leaking showers can already be a major problem for architects, especially if there is restriction to movement. This can also contribute to a large chunk taken from snagging budgets once builds have been completed.

Kinedo showers not only allow movement, they are also unaffected by the new BSI tanking regulations. Our glass cubicles are treated with Cristal Plus, a permanent anti-limescale coating. Encouraging water to run off without leaving streaks and integrated panels that are completely leak-free!

Kinedo-cristal-plus-tanking regulations

Choose Kinedo and you will avoid the BSI regulations whilst saving time and money too. Did we also forget to mention that our cubicles can be installed in a day! Enabling numerous installations in a small amount of time!

Our range of shower cubicles not only make architects life easier and more cost-effective, they look the part in any new home too!

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Tanking Regulations RIBA Workshops

We have partnered with RIBA to supply tanking regulations in small spaces workshops to architects. Not only does the presentation provide information on tanking regulations, it contributes to CPD company requirements. Simply contact us with more information about your business to arrange a future presentation.

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