Five Reasons a Kinedo Shower is Perfect for the Hotel & Hospitality Industry

Five Reasons a Kinedo Shower is Perfect for the Hotel & Hospitality Industry

February 2019

Hotel bathrooms are a highlight of a trip, whether for business or leisure!

Kinedo shower cubicles are cost-effective requiring no tiling, sealing or grouting, whilst our quick installation and luxury features are not only beneficial to a hotel but will make any guest feel comfortable!

1. No Leaks, No Maintenance!

Why Kinedo? Our cubicles are completely watertight whilst using absolutely no silicone. The humidity of the bathroom can discolour and deteriorate silicone leading to more water being able to escape! Not with our showers! There’s also no tiling required meaning no unsightly mould or mildew.
This also means no maintenance!

2. They’re beautiful!

Kinedo shower cubicles look right at home in any hotel bathroom. All shower glass is treated with Cristal Plus, an anti-limescale coating that will reduce the time taken for room servicing.

Whilst our 8mm toughened safety glass and overhead rain shower add a sense of luxury to any hotel bathroom.

3. Compact & Space Saving

Kinedo shower cubicles provide the very best in versatility. Corner cubicles like our Kineprime Contract with pivot door is perfect for smaller budget-friendly rooms, where our Kinemagic Design recess cubicle is ideal for premium rooms.

Available in a variety of sizes, our cubicles are suitable for any space no matter the size! Completely adaptable, they can be fitted to either corner or recess installations with sliding or pivot doors for easy access.

4. Quick Installation

Fitted and installed in no time at all thanks to the self-contained design of all our cubicles. Great news if you’re working to tight schedules as Kinedo shower cubicles can be installed in a day!
No tiling, no grouting, no silicone! Installing our cubicles really is that quick and easy!

5. Flexibility

Ensuring that all your guests are comfortable is so important so you may be please to know that many of our cubicles can be adapted to accommodate those with limited mobility. Non-slip surfaces, hand-grips and folding seats are just some of the assisted features available.

Kinedo Shower Cubicles are Perfect for Hotel Bathrooms!

Don’t just take our word for it! We have provided Kinedo shower cubicles to a variety of clients in the holiday & leisure sector.

Keeta, joint owner of Henlle Hall was impressed with how much time the cubicles have saved their cleaning time. “The glass panels on the inside of the cubicles definitely make life easier for the cleaners and they are much more hygienic than using grout.”


Potter’s Resort is the UK’s original permanent holiday village based on the coastal borders of Norfolk & Suffolk. Buildings & Development Manager, Andrew Broom was searching for an inclusive shower option for customers with mobility issues. He was impressed by the speed and ease of installation of the Kinemagic cubicle as well as our standard Eden cubicle. He was not only happy with the ‘look and feel’ of the cubicles but how installation caused minimal disruption to bookings.

Laura Rostron, owner of Shireburne House chose Kinedo as part of their refurbishment programme for 2018. She was delighted with the response of her guests “we have received compliments from our guests about the new showers, they think they look fantastic and love the size of them. They are practical for guests of all ages.”

Quick and easy installation, completely water-tight and high-quality materials not only meet the needs of your hotel, they look the part to impress all guests too!

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