This Time Next Week, You Could Have A New Bathroom

This Time Next Week, You Could Have A New Bathroom

January 2017

Dreaming of a new bathroom?

Your dream could be a reality much sooner than you think.

How long have you been dreaming of getting a new bathroom? Months? Years? Decades?

So what’s stopping you?

Two things, probably. The cost of getting a new bathroom, and the inconvenience.

Because in many cases, getting a new bathroom involves putting your existing bathroom out of action for days – or even weeks.

But there is a way to renovate your bathroom without having to put up with this inconvenience. Choose the right equipment and you can renovate your bathroom in the space of a day. And with such a fast turnaround time, your bathroom renovation won’t be nearly as costly as you think.

New Shower - Bathroom Renovation

The Real Price of a New Bathroom

What makes most bathroom renovations so costly and time-consuming?

It’s the shower and the bath.

In the world of bathroom renovation, the word “remedial” refers to any job, big or small, that’s required to install a bath or a shower. The term “making good” refers to any process that’s there to make the new bathroom safe, appealing, and user-friendly.

Most bathroom renovation projects involve a LOT of remedial work, and a LOT of making good. Existing tiles and grout has to be stripped, water lines have to be connected, pipes have to be buried, and fixtures need to be installed.

On top of that, new tiles have to be put in place, which means more grouting and more sealant, both of which will need a lot of time to dry.

But in any case, it’s easy to see how, with all of the above going on, the costs, the time, and the mess can quickly pile up.

Yet if you choose a shower cubicle instead of a traditional bath or shower enclosure, all of this can be avoided.

New Bathroom - Shower Cubicle

A Shower Cubicle Is Your Stylish Shortcut to a New Bathroom

A shower cubicle can be installed in the space of a day. There’s no remedial, very little making good, and about the same amount of mess as you’d expect to get from a flat-pack furniture kit.

As our shower-cubicles are self-contained, they can simply be slotted into place where your old bath or shower used to be. This means no removing your existing tiles and grouting – which means no mess – and no installing new tiles, grouting, and sealant. This dramatically reduces the amount of work needed to renovate your bathroom, and the amount of time needed to do it.

And when it comes to hooking up your new shower cubicle, again, it’s a piece of cake. All we have to do is connect the hot and cold water supplies, then connect the waste water pipe, then we’re done.

It gets better. Once your new shower cubicle’s installed, it’s self-contained and watertight. This means that it will never, ever, ever leak, and it means you can stop worrying about mould. Forever. So your new bathroom will continue to feel shiny and new for years afterwards.

And apart from anything else, our shower cubicles look every bit as stylish, modern, and elegant as any traditional shower enclosure.

New Bathroom - Shower Cubicles

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Choose A Shower Cubicle And You Could Have A Completely New Bathroom This Time Next Week

Of course, if you’re considering a new bathroom, you’ll have to think about more than just your shower and bath. There’s also the toilet, the sink, the lights, the flooring, and many other areas to address.

But the fact remains that, in all bathroom renovation projects, replacing the bath and shower is always the biggest job. It’s the most time-consuming and, by extension, the most costly, making it the biggest hurdle standing in the way of your new bathroom.

Shower cubicles are significantly more convenient and no less stylish than a traditional shower enclosure. They don’t leak, they’ll singularly eliminate mould from your bathroom, and they can be installed in the space of a day.

So if you’ve been dreaming about a new bathroom, talk to your plumber, builder, or bathroom installer about shower cubicles.

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