Say Hi To Saniflo at the Farm Business Innovation Show 2017

Say Hi To Saniflo at the Farm Business Innovation Show 2017

October 2017

The 2017 Farm Business Innovation Show takes place 8-9 November at the NEC, Birmingham.

It will feature 500 suppliers and 200 seminars, giving farmers and other landowners all the information and resources they need to make money from their land.

We’ll be there with our range of Saniflo pumps and macerators and our Kinedo line of shower cubicles – all of which can be used to transform almost any plot of land into a lucrative campsite.

Find us on Stand 1350.


How To Turn Your Farm Into A Campsite

Landowners are always on the lookout for new ways to make money out of their land.

In terms of planning, funding, maintenance and return-on-investment, one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to diversify your land is through transforming it into a campsite.

Or better yet, a glampsite…

Earlier this year we conducted some research into the world of glamping. We wanted to know how much a glampsite owner might expect to make compared to a campsite owner.

For campsites, we looked at nightly rates for a single pitch with no electrical hookup. We found that the average minimum charge is £13 in low season and £17 in high season.

When it comes to glamping, the charge usually depends on the nature of the accommodation. A bell tent invariably costs less per night than a log cabin, for instance. But again we looked at the nightly rates, and found that the average minimum charge is £61 in low season and £70 in high season.

So when it comes to glamping, customers are happy to pay 369% more per night in low season and 312% more in high season.

What’s The Difference Between Camping and Glamping?

The key difference between a camping and glamping is the nature of the accommodation.

With a standard campsite, guests will be happy with a plot of land on which they can set up their own tent. But when it comes to glamping, guests have higher expectations. You’ll have to provide them with luxurious pre-assembled accommodation, such as a bell tent, a pod, a log cabin, a tipi, a yurt, or a Shepherds Hut.

And where possible, you’ll have to have to provide top of the line shower facilities – preferably within the glamping accommodation itself.

We spoke to independent glamping advisor Kate Morel, who believes that showers are becoming increasingly important to the glamping experience.

“As part of my work as a consultant,” she said, “I keep a sharp eye on how the glamping industry is progressing. Part of this is monitoring guest expectations, and they are certainly developing.

“One thing that is increasingly important is better quality bathroom facilities. In response to customer demands, existing glampsites are upgrading to flushing loos and smarter shower facilities. Some are even adding roll-top baths.

“New sites are adding them as standard, so unless a glampsite is offering a ‘grass-roots’ experience, one of the best ways to add value and increase occupancy is to make sure the bathroom facilities are tip top”


Join The Glamping Revolution

If you want to make more money with your land, convert it into a campsite. But if you want to make a LOT more money with your land, convert it into a glampsite.

Whether you choose the camping route or the glamping route, we can provide you with all the equipment you need to diversify your land. At the 2017 Farm Business Innovation Show, we’ll be demonstrating our range of macerators, pumps, lifting stations and integrated sanitaryware, all of which can be used to add the shower and toilet blocks required to transform your land into a campsite.

All of our equipment is designed to work with small bore pipework that’s easy to install and run to the nearest soil pipe. They’re quiet and unobtrusive in operation, and as we have many slim-line models available, they’re very easy to hide away. This means you can make your land ready for paying guests without spoiling the area’s natural beauty.


For example, the Sanicubic 2 XL is a compact and versatile lifting station that can be installed without the need for costly or time-consuming ground excavations – though it can be placed in a pit if need be. It’s perfect for glamping facilities, campsites and leisure parks, as it can be quickly set up to channel waste from a shower and toilet block to either the holding tank, the septic tank or mains drainage.

We’ll also be demonstrating the new Sanifos range of underground pumping stations. These proved to be our star attraction at The Glamping Show, and we’re confident they’ll go down just as well at the Farm Business Innovation Show.

But if you really want to make money off your land, you might consider offering a luxurious glamping experience to your guests. In this case, you’ll have to think about providing your guests with hot showers within their accommodation.

We can help you here, too. Our Kinedo range of shower cubicles is perfectly suited for the world of glamping. We’ve helped a number of landowners install showers in their glamping accommodation, whether they’re working with camping pods or shepherds huts.

Come and Say Hello!

If you’re coming to the 2017 Farm Business Innovation Show, we’d love to meet you.

Drop by our stand for a chat. Tell us your story, and we’ll tell you ours.

Find us on stand 1350

In the meantime, take a look at some of the work we’ve done with the glamping community to date.

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And for more information about what to expect from the 2017 Farming Business Innovation Show, head to the official site.

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