Showers For Glamping – Compact and Stylish Showers For Compact & Stylish Pods

Showers For Glamping – Compact and Stylish Showers For Compact & Stylish Pods

June 2017

Compact, stylish and low-maintenance. Are these the perfect showers for glamping?

The future of glamping is all about providing a luxury experience that features ALL home comforts, including a proper shower.

Our work with a maker of garden rooms proves it’s possible to build stylish showers for glamping accommodation.

Family business Future Rooms of Gloucester make a stunning and versatile range of garden rooms for work, leisure and domestic use. Whether built for a standard specification project or a bespoke commission, their timber-framed buildings are manufactured to the highest possible standards.

The company diversified their range in 2015 and created a new business, Pods by Future Rooms. They now offer a range of styles and sizes of pods suitable a variety of uses, including glamping.

Each pod is custom built to the customer’s specifications. Fit-out options include bedrooms, dining areas, and full working bathrooms with the Kinedo Kineprime Glass integrated shower cubicle from Saniflo.

Showers For Glamping – Snug Showers For Snug Spaces

The snug bathrooms in the smaller pods are equipped with 800 x 800 quadrant units that fit neatly into the corner space. They’re fitted with sliding doors for ease of access. These eliminate the need to manoeuvre round an open shower door in a tight area when getting in and out of the shower.

In larger pods and standalone shower blocks, the company has specified a 1000 x 800 recessed corner cubicle with saloon doors for an even more luxurious showering experience.

Showers for Glamping

The Kineprime shower cubicle maximises every inch of available space to provide a comfortable shower area. It also looks stunning against the timber walls.

Thanks to the attractive opaque internal glass panels, there’s no need for tiles and grouting. And thanks to the clever and intuitive assembly, there’s no need for silicone. And because there’s no need for tiles, grout or silicone, the showers are easy to clean and there’s no need to worry about mould, ever.

The units are quick and easy to install, and the attractive valve and handset are supplied as part of the package.

Showers for Glamping

Showers For Glamping – Quick & Easy Installation

Managing Director of Future Rooms Richard Kocerhan is pleased to have made the switch to Kinedo cubicles.

“The cubicles have radically shortened the shower installation time into each pod.

“With glass panels there is no need for us to choose tiles and carry out time consuming tiling and grouting. The internal panels sit over a pre-formed lip of the shower tray to create a watertight environment with no need to silicone round the edges. This keeps the shower looking pristine which is very important for our customers.

“We are saving time on the install and we no longer have to specify the showerhead and valve, as this is supplied as part of the package.

“We’re now going to start using the cubicles into our garden rooms when there is a need for a bathroom. We’re delighted to have found this solution which is helping us to become even more efficient in our production.”

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