How Bathroom Mobility Aids Helped a Retired Couple Retain Their Independence

How Bathroom Mobility Aids Helped a Retired Couple Retain Their Independence

March 2017

If you’ve got mobility issues, many everyday tasks can become difficult at best, and actively unsafe at worst.

But with the right mobility aids, you can make your home safer and more accessible for everyone. And when it comes to the bathroom, mobility aids can help you to retain your independence and rediscover the pleasure of showering.

Retired homeowners Malcolm and Rosemary Skelding from Doncaster took on the challenge of downsizing their property six years ago to oversee the building of a brand new home in their local village of Dunsville. The result; a charming dormer bungalow exquisitely decorated by former estate agent, Rosemary.

Mr Skelding needed a ground floor bathroom with an accessible bathroom, as his ability to climb in and out of a standard bath is limited by artificial knees. The couple chose a walk-in shower with a standard shower tray and plastic seat. This worked perfectly until a nasty fall in the shower led to the glass panel shattering. Thankfully, all the glass fell outside the shower. Damage was limited to the bathroom fittings.

The accident led the couple to rethink their mobility aids. Their research led them to the Kinemagic bath replacement.

Bathroom Mobility Aids

Bathroom Mobility Aids – Not Just Safe, But Stylish Too

The Kinemagic features a range of secure mobility features. With a grab rail and fold down seat as standard, along with an all-important anti-slip shower tray, it lends itself perfectly to Mr & Mrs Skelding’s situation. And on top of that, the sleek lines and premium material’s perfectly complemented the couple’s contemporary bathroom design. Unlike most mobility products, the Kinemagic is as stylish as it’s practical.

With direct help from the Kinedo team at Saniflo – down to recommended installers – the couple took delivery of a Kinemagic and have been delighted with it from the first use.

Mr Skelding particularly appreciates the safer tray, which he says gives him far more confidence to step in to the unit:

“I realise – since using the new anti-slip tray – that I was hesitant to access our last shower because the tray would feel wet and slippery. You can’t see it but our new tray has a surface that feels like sand paper to the touch but is really comfortable under foot. It is exceptionally effective and holds on to my feet as I’m showering.

“I feel so much more confident now when getting in to this cubicle. The seat is also much much better – it’s strong and comfortable and stows away when not in use and I realise now that I should have had a hand rail in the last shower. It makes life so much easier for me. Because the shower head is adjustable I have now positioned it at the optimum angle for my seating position and it provides a wonderful shower. I could not recommend this solution more.”

Bathroom Mobility Aids

Our Bathroom Mobility Aids Will Tick All Of Your Boxes

Mrs Skelding, who has been involved in the property market for many years, was very particular about the overall look of the bathroom. Design was just as important for her as functionality. But the Kinemagic ticked all of her boxes:

“Just because we are getting older it doesn’t mean we don’t want good looking fixtures and fittings in our property. Products for ageing people can be so ugly. This cubicle is beautiful from the interior opaque panels to the glass door and aluminium finish. We are delighted that it is made in Europe – in France – and the build quality is truly exceptional. Our installers were fabulous; they were in and out in less than a day and left the bathroom spick and span.

“I’m so grateful to Saniflo for all the help they gave us. We’ve been recommending the Kinemagic to all our friends. It performs well, looks great and has really given Malcolm back his confidence back.”

Bathroom Mobility Aids With No Mess, No Fuss, and No Inconvenience

The Kinemagic cubicle has been designed to fit in to the exact footprint of your existing bath. Installation is quick and simple with no need for any major alterations. There’s no need to strip out and repair your existing tiles, and no need for any additional plumbing.

Bathroom Mobility Aids

Many mobility specialists will have your bathroom out of action for days. But we can make your bathroom safer and more accessible in less than a day, with no mess, no fuss, and no inconvenience.

If you want to transform your bathroom with a Kinemagic Bath Replacement, get in touch for a free quote today.

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