Making Showering Easy

Kinemagic provides the ultimate showering experience for the entire family.


Future-proof your home with the accessible Kinemagic shower cubicle.

The Kinemagic shower cubicle fits perfectly into the same space as a bathtub and boasts a stunning design alongside features like the anti-slip flooring, and a fold-down seat for less mobile users.

With no silicone or re-tiling required, your Kinemagic can be installed and ready to use in just a day.

The Benefits of Kinemagic

Kinemagic Benefits


The Kinemagic has been designed with accessibility in mind. The sliding door can be installed to open on the side you prefer, and the low-profile shower tray makes entering the shower effortless.

With sizes to directly replace a bathtub, Kinemagic provides an instant solution for the elderly and less able who have difficulty entering over the high edge of their bathtub.

Kinemagic Comfort And Safety

Comfort and Safety

The Kinemagic Serenity comes with two grab bars and a robust fold-down seat for a safe and reassuring showering experience.

The fold-down seat can be easily opened or closed by anyone in the family according to their needs.

Kinemagic Benefits


Keep the family safe, especially those who are more prone to slippery surfaces including young children and elderly family members.

To assure safe footing and movement inside the cubicle, the shower tray of Kinemagic is certified with the highest anti-slip rating (PN24).

Kinemagic Comfort And Safety

Luxurious Design

Made in France, the Kinemagic uses high quality materials to achieve its incredible look. The panels and doors are all made from toughened glass, and the stylish overhead rain shower and handset also ooze the same level of quality.

Even more from Kinemagic

Easy to clean

The glass doors and panels are treated with Cristal plus to reduce the build-up of limescale and dirt, and to help keep the shower looking spotless with minimal effort.

Other design choices like the smooth shower hose and lack of silicone also make maintaining your cubicle easy.

The Perfect Fit

Kinemagic Serenity cubicles have been designed to easily replace your old bathtub. Various sizes are available to ensure that your new cubicle can fit into the footprint of your old bathtub, reducing or entirely removing the need for any further renovation work.

No Silicone

Intuitively designed, the glass panels of the cubicle slot over the edges of the anti-slip tray so that all water falls into the shower area, eliminating the need for silicone, and allowing you to use your Kinemagic immediately after the quick installation.

Install in as little as a day!

Kinemagic can be installed in as little as a day.

There’s no need to worry about a time-consuming refurbishment like ripping out old tiles or repainting the wall. The sleek looking glass panels of Kinemagic Serenity + directly cover the surrounding area, and with no silicone needed, your Kinemagic is ready to use as soon as it’s installed!

*It’s possible to fit a Kinemagic Serenity + in one day with two people. This is subject to site situations and the competency of your installer.

10-Year Warranty

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For complete peace of mind, Kinemagic comes with a 2-year parts and labour warranty. Get an additional 8-year parts warranty when registering on our warranty registration page. Terms and conditions apply.

Kinemagic Reviews

Find out why thousands of households are using Kinemagic

Malcolm Skelding

“I realise - since using the new anti-slip tray - that I was hesitant to access our last shower because the tray would feel… I feel so much more confident now when getting into this cubicle.”

Rosemary Skelding

“Just because we are getting older it doesn’t mean we don’t want good looking fixtures and fittings in our property … Our installers were fabulous; they were in and out in less than a day.”

“We’ve been recommending Kinemagic to all our friends. It performs well, looks great and has really given Malcolm his confidence back.”

Laura Rostron - Shireburne Park

“We have received real compliments from our guests about the new showers. They think they look fantastic and love the size of them. I would certainly recommend these units to other holiday accommodation owners”

Judy Ride

“Kinemagic is excellent. The low entry and non-slip surface gives me total peace of mind that I can get in and out of the shower easily and safely and the handrails are perfectly positioned to give me that extra security.”

Have your Kinemagic installed in as little as a day.


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