The bathroom has changed... it is not just an area of functionality, but a room of pleasure and relaxation.

We want our bathroom to reflect our personal taste, adding colour and texture, creating that perfect space whether that be calm and relaxing or to wake-up and invigorate.

Kinedo offers a range of shower enclosures, shower cubicles and shower trays to suit every need. Behind every Kinedo product there is the know-how, innovation, quality, excellence and reliability of the Saniflo brand, allowing you to focus solely on enjoying the showering experience.

Shower Enclosures

The Kinedo range of shower enclosures offers pivot, sliding, bi-fold or saloon doors in a wide range of sizes and to suit all budgets.

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Shower Cubicles

Shower Cubicles offer a swift and efficient, self-contained, no-silicone, no-tiles showering solution for any shape or size of bathroom.

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Shower Trays

Kinedo shower trays offer a range of surfaces, colours, sizes and cuttable options for every scenario, from luxurious stone finish through to smooth white.

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Shower Walk-ins

Kinedo show Walk-ins offer the freedom of an open shower with an exquisite design.

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Accessible Showering

Kinedo have designed their range of products to ensure you can have the bathroom you want and the bathroom you need.

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Kineduo Configurator

Design the perfect Kineduo shower bath in no time at all with the Kineduo Configurator.

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Download our new range of brochures or request copies through the post.

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Expert Centre

Helpful information for Installers and Specification Professionals.

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Kinemagic provides the ultimate showering experience for the entire family.

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Give your bathroom a luxurious new look with Kinewall Design - a range of premium bathroom wall panels available in over 70 designs.

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