How To Choose The Right Shower Cubicle

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How to choose the right shower cubicle

Used daily by the entire family, the shower should be both practical and comfortable. A shower cubicle offers the advantage of a complete and quick installation at a relatively limited cost.

It can, however, sometimes be challenging to choose the right one. What are the criteria to consider when choosing your cubicle? How do you compare all the existing models? Which shower cubicle should you choose? We explain everything in this comprehensive guide.

What is a shower cubicle?

A shower cubicle is a complete solution that is fully equipped with a shower tray, surrounding wall panels, doors, and fittings. This makes them perfect to install quickly and conveniently in any bathroom, especially considering the various shapes and sizes they come in.

The price range varies depending on factors such as the material and size of the cubicle.

5 steps to choose a shower cubicle

Given the large number of options which shower cubicles come in, here are the main criteria to consider before making your choice.

Shape and size

Depending on your bathroom layout and available space, your choice of cubicle should make the most of the area available.

A popular configuration for a small bathroom, is a square or quadrant-shaped cubicle installed in one of the corners of the room. These cubicles generally measure between 70 and 90 cm on each side.

The rectangular shape is often more suitable for a slightly larger bathroom. The models usually range from 100 x 80 cm to 180 x 90 cm. This shape is often preferred as a replacement for a bathtub as it avoids extensive wall and floor work. It's also particularly suitable for a longer bathroom, where the shower is placed at the back of the room.


Shower cubicle doors must be both practical and sturdy. The opening system will mainly be chosen based on your bathroom configuration:

  • A pivot shower door generally offers a wide passage but requires sufficient clearance in front of the cubicle for opening.

  • A saloon door requires less space outside of the shower than a single pivoting door, making it suitable for smaller spaces.

  • A sliding door avoids the need for extra space outside the shower, but it also reduces the entry and exit width. Cleaning is also more difficult due to the overlapping of the panels. However, some detachable models limit the issue.

Shower cubicle doors are generally made of acrylic or glass. Toughened glass is relatively thick (5 to 8 mm), heavier, and more expensive than acrylic but guarantees solidity and easy long-term maintenance.


Fittings are essential part of the shower cubicle.

You should start by choosing the mixer which can be either classic or thermostatic. Although more expensive to purchase than the classic version, the thermostatic mixer offers the advantage of a constant temperature in your shower. It's the ideal option for families with children as it avoids the risk of burns. All Kinedo cubicles in the UK are thermostatic models (unless otherwise stated).

Other fittings include a basic setup of a shower handset and mixer, though for added comfort and relaxation, you may choose a cubicle with a rain shower head 


In recent years, the design of shower cubicles have come a long way. Beyond the classic style, there are now many finishing options and variations to choose from. Whatever your preference, you can find a cubicle that perfectly matches the style of your bathroom whether it is classic, contemporary, or streamlined.

The Brooklyn Factory for example has been incredibly popular thanks to its modern, sleek black profiles and matching fittings.


Choosing a shower cubicle is not just about thinking about the tray, shower walls, and fittings. Many accessories are available as options to improve ease of use and meet users' needs. Some options can add convenience like soap dishes and storage shelves, while others can add functionality and accessibility such as foldable seats.

With this guide, you now have some of the most important considerations in mind when choosing a shower cubicle. Kinedo offers a wide range of shower cubicles to meet all desires and needs. We recommend visiting a showroom, or contact us if you need and further help in choosing a cubicle.

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