Renovation Project: Converting a Wartime Ammunition Carrier into a Luxury Houseboat

Renovation Project: Converting a Wartime Ammunition Carrier into a Luxury Houseboat

August 2018

This beautiful house boat wasn’t always a beautiful house boat.

But with the Saniflo touch, a wartime relic was transformed into a luxurious modern living space.

This steel vessel was built in Doncaster in the 1930s to replenish battleships with ammunition during naval operations. To avoid the risk of fire, it was built without an engine and instead towed out to sea by a tug.

It recently enjoyed a further tug journey – from a Royal Navy scrapyard in Portsmouth round The Wash, up the Thames, and to a boatyard in Brentford. There it was reconfigured ready for permanent mooring on the Thames.

Its owner, a wartime enthusiast, had big plans for its renovation. But first he had to do something about the lack of traditional drainage solutions. He needed a solution that would work on-board. So he came to us.

House Boat Conversion 2

Thanks to a number of clever Saniflo innovations, this war hero now boasts:

  • A galley kitchen with a stainless steel sink and dishwasher
  • Unobtrusive plumbing dispatching waste water directly into the Thames to be recycled by high tides
  • A snug cloakroom with a washbasin and toilet serviced by its own dedicated sewage tank
  • Four double bedrooms including en-suite baths, showers, basins and toilets, all serviced by a well-hidden macerator
  • An ice machine and a washing machine

The boat is now called the Ceri-Ann, and it’s a masterclass in planning. It serves to demonstrate that, with an open mind and the right equipment, anything is possible. Almost any space can be transformed into something magnificent.

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