Fix a Leaky Shower With The Shower That Never Leaks

November 2017

How our non-leak shower cubicles saved the day for a Rochdale family.

Nothing quite ruins a lovely family dinner than a leak through the dining room ceiling.

And when that leak causes water damage and stains the carpet, the short-term inconvenience is served with an unpleasant side-helping of serious long-term damage.

Such was the problem faced by the Barton family in Rochdale. The cause of the leak? Cracked grout and silicone surrounding the bathroom shower enclosure.

They had no choice but to remove the enclosure to replace the grout and silicone. But when a plumber called to remove the enclosure, the full extent of the damage was shocking. The tiles had all come loose and the plaster board behind them was damp and rotten, with further wet rot on the wooden studs.

And underneath the shower tray? Spores. These had travelled across four wall studs, causing wallpaper in the adjacent bedroom to peel away. The family bathroom had become both a health risk and an accident waiting to happen.

The Bartons settled an insurance claim. After this there was no question about it: They needed a new shower enclosure. But they didn’t want the sort of shower that would lead to identical problems further down the line. They wanted a total and permanent fix.

That’s where we came in.

Shower Cubicles Never Leak

Because our shower cubicles are self-contained, they never leak. Even better, they’re installed without any tiles, grout or silicone. This means that there’s no risk of cracks developing over time, which further reduces the risk of leaks. On top of that, when there’s no grout or silicone, there’s less places for mould to form in the bathroom.

The Bartons chose a Kinedo Eden Shower Cubicle, which solved every single one of their bathroom problems overnight. And with its internal opaque glass panels and thermostatic shower head and valve, it added a real air of luxurious style to their new bathroom. They were even able to recycle and replace the tiles that had been removed to complete the tiling around the cubicle. The end result was a beautiful watertight shower and total peace of mind that it will never, ever leak.

Mrs Barton said:

“If you ever need to replace a leaking shower enclosure, then I would highly recommend a Kinedo cubicle like the Eden. It saves time, hassle, and labour costs, and you can have it up and running in less than a day. It looks great, it’s easy to clean and easy to maintain – we haven’t looked back.”

Replacing a Leaky Shower with a Leak-Free Shower Cubicle

Here’s the Barton family’s original shower enclosure, complete with the problematic tiling, silicone and grouting:

Fix a leaky shower

You can’t see the problems at a glance, so let’s zoom in to take a closer look at the cracked grout and failing silicone:

Fix a leaky shower

And now let’s take a look at some of the widespread damage caused by these tiny cracks. Here’s the water damage in the dining room below:

Fix a leaky shower

And here’s the rot that had set in behind the leaky shower:

Fix a leaky shower

But this story has a happy ending. Here’s the smart, stylish, luxurious and leak-proof watertight new shower enclosure – the Kinedo Eden – fully installed in the Barton bathroom:

Fix a leaky shower

The installation took a matter of hours, with minimum fuss and minimal mess. The Bartons didn’t have to put up with the hassle that usually comes from bathroom renovations, and they’ll never have to worry about leaks again.

Is your leaky shower causing you a headache?

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