Shower Cubicles a Perfect Fit for Vacant Property Renovations

November 2017

Our shower cubicles can be installed in almost any space in a matter of hours with minimal fuss and almost no mess.

This makes Kinedo shower cubicles a perfect fit for vacant property renovations. They blend seamlessly and effortlessly into the existing space, and can be watertight and fully functional in no time at all.

London-based Global Guardians was set up in 2011 to provide an innovative solution to the problems associated with vacant properties. They introduced the “Property Guardian Solution” scheme to protect and preserve unused or empty properties on behalf of the owners – until they’re either brought back into use, sold, or demolished.

Here’s how the scheme works: Global Guardians sources working occupiers, or property guardians, and offers them living space within vacant properties for a temporary period of time.

The property guardian gets a secure and affordable space to live. The property owner gets an income, and the peace of mind that their property is in good hands and safe from vandalism and illegal occupation. They also don’t have to worry about the substantial tax costs that come with empty residential properties, and the business rates that come with commercial properties that aren’t in use. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Renovating Vacant Properties for Accommodation

The¬†vacant property invariably needs work before it’s fit for occupation. Global Guardians will always undertake whatever work is necessary before any property guardians move in.

Sometimes the property is a former nursing home or private dwellings. In this case, the renovations might not be too elaborate – just a coat of paint and a few new fixtures. But often the vacant property is a commercial property, like an office block. In this case, a lot more work will be needed before anyone can move in.

In most cases, the bathroom will require a lot of attention. It might need renovating, or it might need to be fully installed from scratch. And when this is the case, Global Guardians choose shower cubicles by Kinedo.

Vacant Property Renovations

Shower Cubicles for Vacant Property Renovations

Global Guardians favour the Kinedo Consort for their vacant property renovations. It’s made from hard-wearing plastic, it features durable saloon-style doors, and it works with any type of shower control.

It’s exceptionally easy to install, and it features pre-formed internal panels that slot over the top of the integrated shower tray. This totally eliminates the need for tiles, grout, and silicone – perfect for when a rapid installation is needed – and it has the added benefit of making the unit supremely low-maintenance, leak-proof, and totally resistant to mould.

And because it’s so compact, the Kinedo Consort can be installed in almost any corner, peninsular or alcove. It’s so versatile, so low-maintenance and so cost-effective that it’s a perfect choice not just for property renovations, but also for student accommodation, housing associations, guest houses, and other types of temporary accommodation.

Shower for Vacant Property Renovation

Versatile & Low Maintenance Showers for Vacant Property Renovations

Harry Banks, Contracts Officer for Global Guardians, said:

We specify the Kinedo Consort because it’s a functional unit that we can install quickly and easily into vacant properties.


It’s useful to be able to choose the shower valve that suits the property we are renovating, whether that is electric, mechanical or thermostatic, as it’s dependent on the water supply type.


This solution works very well for us in the type of property we look after. It is highly practical and easy to install.

Need A Cost-Effective Showering Solution for Your Vacant Property Renovation?

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