A 5 Star Hotel Shower For Your Bathroom

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A luxury shower that never leaks that can be installed in a matter of hours?

You better believe it: Plumbers love our cubicles because they're so easy to install. Home owners love our showers because they bring 5 star hotel luxury with none of the hassle.

Blackpool based plumber Carl Dalby runs an interiors business catering to the needs of landlords managing student accommodation.

Over the last couple of years Carl has been refurbishing bathrooms between leases.

He's found the Kinedo Consort cubicle ideal for the job. The practical, all-plastic cubicle can be installed in under a day. The combination of interior and exterior panels, shower tray and door all fit intuitively together to create a watertight environment. There's no need for any silicone, grout, or tiles, which means no leaks and no mould.

When a domestic customer contacted Carl for a similar leak-free cubicle, he visited the site and realised that an upgraded cubicle would better suit the smart property.

The customer asked for a Kinedo Eden. It's stylish and luxurious, thanks to its opaque glass internal panels and clear glass external panels. And like the Consort, it can be installed with minimal fuss and minimal hassle in a matter of hours.

The result? A very satisfied customer. Carl can now see the potential for the all-glass version of the Eden in future projects for both commercial and domestic users.

Carl said:

The Eden was described by my customer as looking like a "5 star hotel shower."  
The exposed chrome shower valve doubles as a neat shelf for bottles and bits, and it matches both the fixed head and the handheld shower.  
The look is complemented by polished chrome, high end wall profiles and door handles. What really sealed the deal, though, was the total lack of grout, silicone, and all the problems they can bring.  
For me, the unit was as easy to install as the Consort, and I was able to get the job done and dusted in under a day.

Want a 5-Star Hotel Shower in Your Bathroom?

If you live in the North West and want a luxury non-leaking shower cubicle installed in the space of a day, give Carl a call on 0773 739 8140, or email him [email protected].

For more information about the Kinedo range of stylish shower cubicles, get in touch for a free quote:

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