6 Reasons to Choose Kinedo Shower Cubicles for Your Caravan or Static Home

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Kinedo Shower cubicles aren’t like other shower cubicles. They’re better.

They’re the perfect showering solution for caravans and mobile homes. They’re compact, self-contained, easy-to-install, very low-maintenance, and they never leak.

Kinedo Shower Cubicles simply look and feel better than other shower cubicles. With high quality materials, a superior design and a range of luxurious features, they will make showering in a caravan feel like a high-end spa experience.

They’re safer too, with non-slip surfaces, low-entry trays, hand-rails and other optional accessibility features. Many people look forward to caravanning once they retire. Kinedo shower cubicles will ensure that this adventurous retirement comes with total peace of mind.

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6 Reasons to Choose a Kinedo Shower Cubicle for Your Caravan Bathroom

1. The Ultimate in Space-Saving Innovations

Kinedo shower cubicles have small footprints, and they can be adapted for either corner or recess installations. You can choose from a range of door types, including clever pivot doors that enable easy entry in a compact space.

2. A Completely Self-Contained Build

All Kinedo shower cubicles are completely self-contained. This means they’re watertight, so if they’re properly installed, they’ll never, ever leak. Also, they require no silicone, tiling or grouting. This means that there’s nowhere for mould to take hold, so there’s no need to worry about your caravan’s bathroom getting mouldy over time.

3. The Easiest Possible Installation

Because they’re self-contained, and because they require no tiling, silicone or grouting, Kinedo shower cubicles can be installed and fully functional in a matter of hours, without the need for any tools. Some of our cubicles feature their own thermostatic valves, so there’s nothing else to add.

4. High Quality Materials That Stay Pristine for Longer

It’s a difference that you have to see to believe – Kinedo shower cubicles just look and feel more luxurious and refined than other shower cubicles. What’s more, we treat our glass with Cristal Plus. This is a permanent anti-limescale coating that minimises the build-up of calcium deposits and dirt on the glass, while encouraging water to run off without leaving streaks or marks. This makes Kinedo shower cubicles considerably easier to clean. They’re low maintenance and guaranteed to have that fresh and brand-new feel even after years of use.

5. Luxurious Spa-Like Features

From rain showers to integrated shelving that reduces clutter, Kinedo shower cubicles are full of clever features that’ll give your caravan’s bathroom a high-end spa feel.

6. Safety, Security and Accessibility

With many people looking to caravans and mobile homes to help them make the most of their retirement, it’s becoming increasingly important to make these comfortable homes from home as safe and secure as possible. Kinedo shower cubicles can incorporate many accessibility features, including hand-grips and non-slip surfaces, to create total peace of mind.

The Perfect Shower Cubicle for Caravans and Mobile Homes

Safe, stylish, low-maintenance, very easy to install and highly cost-effective – Kinedo shower cubicles are perfect for caravans and mobile homes.

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