Five Reasons to Choose a Kinedo Shower For Your Yacht or Boat

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High quality materials mean that Kinedo showers come equipped with a range of luxury features that would look right at home in any high-end yacht or houseboat.

Why compromise on a basic shower when there are so many benefits to a Kinedo shower cubicle?

Here’s five great reasons why Kinedo shower cubicles are the perfect choice for your boat.

1. Compact Shower Cubicles

Kinedo shower cubicles are available in a variety of sizes, enabling you to choose a cubicle that is perfect for your space. Completely adaptable, they can be fitted to either corner or recess installations with sliding or pivot doors for easy access. 

2. No Leaks

Every Kinedo shower cubicle is self-contained remaining completely water-tight allowing water to simply run down the inside of the shower with no escape. No tiling, grouting or sealing also means there’s no discolouration or constant maintenance needed. There is also no need to worry about humidity levels as the watertight installation means mould is a thing of the past.

3. Clever Assembly

So easy to install that some of our cubicles like the Kineprime cubicle don’t even require any tools to assemble the unit. Extra sizes are also available to cater for the size of your yacht and individual needs. Many of our cubicles can be installed and fully functional on the same day.

4. High Quality Materials

Kinedo showers have many installation benefits but they also add a sense of luxury to any yacht or boat home. Cleaning your shower constantly will also be a thing of the past, thanks to the low maintenance of all Kinedo cubicles. We treat all shower glass with Cristal Plus, a permanent, anti-limescale coating that minimises the amount of calcium deposits and residue built up by dirt. No streaks or marks means your glass is always left looking pristine and squeaky clean. See the advantages of why you should choose Kinedo. 

Comfort and safety are key with all Kinedo shower cubicles, that is why we offer accessibility features, from non-slip shower trays, seats, hand rails and split shower doors.

5. Variety of Features & Peace of Mind

If you really want to add to the luxury of your yacht or boat with extra features, Kinedo shower cubicles are also available with integrated shelves, built-in shower controls and rain shower heads!

We also offer a full two-year guarantee on every Kinedo cubicle, fully backed by Saniflo Ltd. 

6. And the Sixth Reason...They will look right at home on any yacht or houseboat, thanks to the luxurious design and features of every Kinedo Shower Cubicle.

If you are looking for a cubicle that saves time and money, whilst still looking the part on your yacht or houseboat then look no further than Kinedo. If you want more inspiration, take a look at our case study of how a wartime ammunition carrier houseboat went from bleak to chic with the help of Saniflo.

Talk to us today for a free consultation and quote from a Kinedo Representative.

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